galvanised gabion baskets description

Galvanised gabion baskets are versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly, making them an excellent option for any application.

These baskets are made from high-quality galvanised steel wire, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. This coating ensures that the gabion baskets can withstand years of use without deteriorating or losing their structural integrity.

These baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used for a wide range of applications. They can be stacked to create retaining walls, filled with rocks or other suitable materials to create seating or decorative features, or used to stabilise slopes and prevent erosion.

Galvanised gabion baskets are also a sustainable solution. The use of galvanised steel wire in the construction of these baskets reduces the need for other building materials, such as concrete or bricks, which require significant amounts of energy and resources to produce.

Gabion baskets are easy to install and maintain. They can be quickly assembled on-site, and their modular design allows for easy expansion or alteration if needed. Since the baskets are filled with natural materials, they require minimal maintenance over time.

Galvanised gabion baskets are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications. Whether used for what these baskets provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

galvanised gabion baskets


galvanized gabion boxes

Galvanized Gabion Boxes

Gabion boxes are welded wire-mesh containers and used in various construction and landscaping applications. These boxes, when filled with stones, create a flexible and permeable structure that can withstand a significant amount of weight and pressure.


The galvanization process involves immersing the wire mesh in a bath of molten zinc. The zinc bonds with the steel wire, creating a protective barrier that prevents the wire from coming into contact with moisture and oxygen, which are the main causes of corrosion.

The galvanized coating also enhances the strength and durability of the gabion box. The interlocking wire mesh, combined with the strong bond between the zinc and the steel wire, creates a rigid and robust structure that can withstand significant external forces. This makes galvanized gabion boxes suitable for applications that require high load-bearing capacity, such as retaining walls, erosion control, and slope stabilization.

Another advantage of galvanized gabion boxes is their versatility. They can be easily customized and shaped to fit different project requirements. The wire mesh can be cut, bent, and joined together to create gabion boxes of various sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows for the construction of complex structures and the incorporation of unique design elements.

Galvanized Gabion Baskets

Galvanized gabion baskets have become a popular choice for various landscaping and engineering applications. These baskets are woven of steel wire. The modular design allows the baskets to be easily stacked and arranged in various shapes and sizes to suit different project requirements.


The flexibility of the system allows for customization and adaptability, making it ideal for projects with irregular shapes or challenging terrain.

Galvanized gabion baskets are also aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the visual appeal of the landscape. The natural stone fillings give the baskets a rustic appearance that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. They can be used to create decorative walls, or garden features, adding a touch of creativity and beauty to the project.

Maintenance of galvanized gabion baskets is relatively low. The galvanized coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or repairs. Periodic inspections to check for any signs of damage or deformation are recommended, but overall, the baskets require minimal attention.

Galvanized Welded Gabion Box

Galvanized welded gabion box is used for erosion control, soil stabilization, and landscaping purposes. It is made of galvanized steel wire mesh panels that are welded together, creating a sturdy structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection.


The welded construction of the gabion box provides strength and stability. The wire mesh panels are welded at each intersection, ensuring that the gabion box maintains its shape and integrity under pressure. This design feature makes it an ideal choice for projects that require the gabion to withstand heavy loads, such as retaining walls and bank stabilization.

The steel wire mesh panels have a uniform appearance, creating a clean and modern look that blends well with various surroundings. The gabion box can be filled with a variety of materials, such as stones, rocks, or concrete blocks, allowing for flexibility in design and creativity in landscaping projects.

One of the key advantages of using a galvanized welded gabion box is its ease of installation. The panels can be easily assembled on-site, reducing the need for heavy machinery and specialized labor. The gabion boxes can also be easily transported to the desired location, making them a cost-effective option for projects of all sizes.

The galvanized welded gabion box is also environmentally friendly. The use of natural materials, such as rocks and stones, for filling the gabion box promotes ecological balance and allows for water drainage. The gabion box also provides habitat for small animals and vegetation, contributing to biodiversity in the area.

Galvanized rock cage

Galvanized Rock Cage

Galvanized rock cage is a structure made of wire mesh and filled with rocks or large stones. It is commonly used in landscaping and civil engineering projects for purposes such as erosion control, slope stabilization, and retaining walls.



The structure can be easily constructed in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific requirements of the project. The wire mesh panels are connected together using wire or metal clips, allowing for flexibility in the design and adaptability to different terrains. It can also be easily modified or expanded if needed.

Galvanized rock cage provides excellent drainage properties. The open design of the wire mesh allows for the free flow of water through the structure, preventing the buildup of hydrostatic pressures behind the wall. This helps to minimize the risk of erosion and water damage. The rocks or stones inside the cage also act as a natural filter, allowing water to permeate through while retaining sediment and preventing clogging.

The natural look of the rocks and stones, combined with the industrial appearance of the wire mesh, can create a visually striking feature in landscape design. It can be used to create terraced gardens, decorative walls, or even as a centerpiece in outdoor spaces.


1. Are there any specific maintenance requirements for galvanized gabion mesh?

Yes, there are a few specific maintenance requirements for galvanized gabion mesh:

1. Regular cleaning: Clean the gabion mesh regularly to remove any dirt, debris, or vegetation that may have accumulated on the surface. This will help prevent the build-up of corrosive substances that can damage the galvanized coating.

2. Repair any damage: Inspect the gabion mesh regularly for any signs of damage, such as holes, tears, or loose connections. Repair any damage promptly to prevent further deterioration of the structure.

3. Check for corrosion: Galvanized gabion mesh is coated with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion. However, over time, the zinc coating may wear off or become damaged. Regularly inspect the gabion mesh for signs of corrosion, such as rust spots or discoloration. If corrosion is detected, the affected areas should be repaired or replaced as necessary.

4. Keep vegetation under control: Gabion mesh structures are often used in landscaping or erosion control applications, where vegetation may grow through the mesh. It is important to regularly trim and control vegetation to prevent it from damaging the galvanized coating or causing structural issues.

5. Monitor water drainage: If the gabion mesh is used in a drainage application, regularly monitor the flow of water to ensure it is properly draining. Clogged or inadequate drainage can lead to water pooling, which can accelerate corrosion and damage to the galvanized coating.

2. Can galvanised steel stone cage be customized in terms of size and shape?

galvanised steel stone cage

Yes, galvanized steel stone cages can be customized in terms of size and shape. They can be made to fit specific dimensions and can be designed in various shapes such as rectangular, square, or even curved depending on the requirements and preferences of the project.

3. What are the general specifications of galvanised gabion baskets?

galvanised gabion baskets

Mesh size

between 80mm to 100mm

Wire gauge

ranging from 2.0mm to 4.0mm

Mesh coating

Heavily galvanized, the galvanised coating is typically a minimum of 275g/m2 in accordance with ASTM A641/A641M.

Panel size

include 2m x 1m x 1m, 3m x 1m x 1m, and 4m x 1m x 1m

Lacing wire

The lacing wire is used to securely fasten the panels and create a stable and rigid structure.

Tensile strength

The tensile strength of the wire mesh is determined by the gauge and type of wire used.

Installation accessories

spirals, C rings, and hog rings

4. Are galvanised gabion baskets easy to install?

Yes, galvanised gabion baskets are relatively easy to install. They typically come in panels or boxes that are easily assembled and connected together using wire or clips. The baskets are filled with stones or other suitable fill materials to create a stable structure.

The installation process mainly involves laying out and connecting the baskets, filling them with the desired material, and closing them securely. However, the difficulty of installation may depend on the size and complexity of the project, so professional assistance may be required in certain instances.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are several benefits to using galvanised gabion baskets:

  1. Durability: Galvanised gabion baskets are made from steel wire mesh that is coated with a layer of zinc, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. This makes them highly durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including exposure to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation.
  2. Strength: The wire mesh used in galvanised gabion baskets is designed to be strong and rigid, providing a stable structure that can support heavy loads. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, including retaining walls, erosion control, and landscaping.
  3. Versatility: Galvanised gabion baskets can be used in a variety of different settings and can be easily customized to fit specific project requirements. They can be stacked and joined together to create larger structures, and can be filled with a variety of materials, such as stones, gravel, or concrete.
  4. Easy installation: Galvanised gabion baskets are relatively easy to install, requiring minimal tools and expertise. They can be assembled on site and filled with the chosen material, making them a cost-effective and efficient solution for a range of projects.
  5. Environmental benefits: Galvanised gabion baskets are environmentally friendly as they are made from steel, which is a recyclable material. Additionally, the use of gabion baskets can help to reduce erosion and sedimentation, protecting the surrounding environment and improving water quality.

Yes, galvanised gabion baskets can be used in both residential and commercial applications. They are a versatile and durable option for various landscaping and construction projects. Galvanised gabion baskets are commonly used for retaining walls, sound barriers, erosion control, decorative walls, and even furniture.

They are suitable for both small residential projects and large-scale commercial developments. The galvanised steel construction ensures that the baskets are weather-resistant and long-lasting, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Other Gabion Types.

Galvanised gabions are generally more cost-effective compared to other retaining wall options.

Compared to traditional materials such as concrete or masonry, galvanised gabions are often cheaper to purchase and install. The materials used in gabions, such as steel wire mesh and stone fill, are readily available and relatively low-cost. Additionally, gabions do not require extensive excavation or foundation work, which can further reduce costs.

In contrast, concrete or masonry retaining walls often require skilled labor, expensive materials, and complex construction processes. This can lead to higher overall costs for materials, equipment, and labor.

Gabions also have lower long-term maintenance costs. The galvanised steel wire mesh used in galvanised gabions is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, reducing the need for regular repairs.

Therefore, in terms of cost, galvanised gabions offer a more cost-effective option compared to other gabion retaining wall alternatives.

Yes, galvanized steel gabion is suitable for coastal or high humidity environments. Galvanization is a process that coats steel with a protective layer of zinc. This zinc coating helps to prevent corrosion and rust, making the steel more durable and resistant to the effects of salty air and high levels of humidity.

Thus, galvanized steel gabions can withstand the corrosive nature of coastal environments and the increased moisture in high humidity areas.

The weight capacity of galvanized gabion depends on several factors such as the size and dimensions of the gabion, the type and quality of the galvanizing coating applied, and the overall design and construction of the gabion structure. Generally, galvanized gabions have a high weight capacity and can withstand significant loads.

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