Gabion Mattress description

Gabion mattresses are an effective and ecological solution to soil erosion control. They are essentially wire mesh containers filled with stones or other construction materials, which are then stacked together to form a mattress-like structure.

The mattress is made of double twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh, which provides the mattress with excellent structural integrity and flexibility.

It is filled with stones or other construction materials, which are selected based on the specific requirements of the project. The stones should be angular in shape, so that they interlock and provide stability to the structure. Rounded or smooth stones are not suitable, as they do not interlock effectively.

One of the significant advantages of the mattresses is their ecological sustainability. The use of locally available stones reduces the environmental impact associated with transportation. The wire mesh used in gabion mattresses provides natural habitat and support for vegetation growth, which enhances the ecological balance of the project site.

Gabion mattresses are an excellent solution for soil erosion control. They offer durability, flexibility, and ecological sustainability, making them a preferred choice for various civil engineering applications.

gabion mattress


galvanized gabion mattress

Galvanized Gabion Mattress

Galvanized gabion mattress is a type of gabion structure that is used to prevent soil erosion. It is made from a series of galvanized steel wire baskets filled with stones, which are then laid on sloping or uneven terrain to create a stable surface.


The process of creating a galvanized gabion mattress starts with the construction of the steel wire baskets. These baskets are made by weaving galvanized steel wires together in a specific pattern to create a mesh-like structure.

Once the baskets are constructed, they are filled with stones or rocks. The size and type of stones used can vary depending on the specific project requirements. The stones are typically arranged in layers within the baskets to ensure stability and prevent movement.

The filled baskets are then interconnected to form a continuous structure. This is usually done by lacing the baskets together with wires or using metal clips. The interconnected gabion baskets ensure that the mattress remains intact and does not shift or separate over time.

They are highly flexible and can conform to the natural contours of the land. This makes them ideal for use on sloping or uneven terrain. The use of galvanized steel wire makes the mattresses resistant to corrosion and ensures their long-term durability. The use of locally sourced stones makes gabion mattresses a cost-effective solution for erosion control.

PVC Coated Gabion Mattress

PVC coated gabion mattress is a type of erosion control system that is used to stabilize slopes, prevent soil erosion, and protect infrastructure from the effects of water flow.


The PVC coating on the gabion mattress provides additional protection against corrosion and extends the lifespan of the erosion control system. The PVC coating also helps to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the gabion mattress, making it a popular choice for landscaping projects.

One of the key advantages of the mattress is its flexibility. The gabion mattresses can be easily installed on uneven or sloping terrains, and they can also be adjusted to fit curves or irregular shapes.

This flexibility allows for a more efficient and cost-effective installation process, as the gabion mattresses can be easily adapted to suit the specific requirements of the site.

PVC coated gabion mattresses are also effective for preventing scour. Scour is the erosion of soil or sediment around a structure, such as a bridge or culvert, caused by the uninterrupted flow of water.

By placing gabion mattresses around the base of the structure, the flow of water is redirected, preventing scour and ensuring the stability of the infrastructure.

The stones or other materials used to fill the gabion baskets in PVC coated gabion mattresses provide additional benefits. The materials act as natural filters, helping to prevent the buildup of silt or sediment in the water. This can be particularly important in areas where water quality is a concern.

Woven Gabion Basket

Woven Gabion Basket

Woven gabion basket is a flexible and versatile structure used in various construction and landscaping projects. It is made of steel wire mesh woven into a rectangular or cylindrical shape and filled with rocks or other materials. The basket is then assembled to build walls, retaining structures, or erosion control solutions.


The steel wire mesh used in gabion baskets is typically made of galvanized or PVC-coated steel wire, which provides strength and durability. The mesh is woven into a double-twist pattern, creating compartments or cells within the basket. These cells are then filled with rocks, typically of a specific size range, to form a stable and solid structure.

They can be used as standalone structures or integrated into other construction elements. Woven gabion basket can be stacked to create tall walls or stepped structures to support embankments or slopes. They can also be combined with other materials, such as timber or concrete, to provide additional stability and strength.

Woven gabion baskets provide an environmentally friendly solution for erosion control and landscape design. The rock fill, in combination with the wire mesh, creates a permeable structure that allows water to flow through while retaining the soil. This helps to prevent erosion by reducing water velocity and protecting the underlying soil from erosion.

Revet Mattress

Revet mattress is a versatile and effective solution for erosion control and slope stabilization. It provides a flexible and durable protective layer that prevents soil erosion and promotes vegetation growth.


The mattress is made of a double twisted wire mesh structure that is interconnected with steel strands or lacing wire. The mesh is typically made of galvanized steel or other corrosion-resistant materials, making it durable and long-lasting.

The revet mattress acts as a protective layer that covers the surface of the soil or slope. It prevents soil erosion by providing a physical barrier that prevents the soil particles from being washed away.

The mesh also promotes the growth of vegetation by retaining moisture and providing a favorable environment for plant roots to grow. Vegetation further helps to stabilize the slope by reducing the impact of raindrops on the soil surface and binding the soil particles together with their roots.

The revet mattress is relatively easy to install. It is typically unrolled onto the surface of the slope or excavation and secured in place using metal pins or hooks. The individual mattresses can be overlapped or interconnected to cover large areas. The mattress can be easily cut or shaped to fit the specific requirements of the project.

underwater gabions

Underwater Gabions

Underwater gabions are structures made from wire mesh cages filled with rocks or other materials, used to stabilize and protect the seabed or riverbanks. They are typically used in areas with strong currents or erosive forces, where conventional methods may be ineffective or impractical.


It acts as a barrier that absorbs the energy of the water and dissipates it, reducing the impact on the surrounding areas. By stabilizing the seabed or riverbanks, they prevent sediment displacement and maintain the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Coastal protection is a common application of underwater gabions. They are used to prevent shoreline erosion and protect coastal infrastructure from wave action. By installing gabions parallel to the coastline, they create an effective barrier that absorbs the energy of incoming waves, reducing their erosive power.

Riverbank stabilization is another important application of the gabions. They are used to protect riverbanks from erosion caused by the flow of water. By creating a barrier along the bank, gabions prevent soil erosion and maintain the stability of the river channel.

This not only protects the surrounding area from flooding but also helps to maintain water quality by reducing sedimentation.

Underwater gabions also have the potential to create artificial habitats for marine life. The rocks and crevices within the gabions provide shelter and substrate for various species of fish, invertebrates, and plants. This can help to enhance biodiversity and promote ecological balance in areas where natural habitats may have been degraded or lost.


1. How do gabion mattresses differ from other erosion control or slope stabilization methods?

gabion mattress

Gabion mattresses are a type of erosion control and slope stabilization method that are used to protect slopes from erosion, prevent soil movement, and provide stability to embankments. Here are some ways in which gabion mattresses differ from other erosion control or slope stabilization methods:

1. Construction: Gabion mattresses are constructed using wire mesh containers filled with stones or other materials. These wire baskets are interconnected to form a flexible and permeable structure. In contrast, some other erosion control methods like geotextiles or erosion control blankets are made of synthetic materials.

2. Flexibility and adaptability: Gabion mattresses are flexible and can easily conform to the shape of the slope or embankment. This allows them to provide stability and protection even on irregular or uneven surfaces. Other erosion control methods may not be as flexible and may require more preparation or modification to fit the slope’s contours.

3. Drainage: One of the main advantages of gabion mattresses is their excellent drainage capabilities. The gaps in the wire mesh allow water to freely pass through, reducing the buildup of hydrostatic pressure behind the structure. This helps in preventing water accumulation and ensures proper drainage, which is crucial for slope stability. Other methods like geotextiles or erosion control blankets may not offer the same level of drainage.

4. Environmental considerations: Gabion mattresses are often considered more environmentally-friendly compared to other erosion control methods. The use of natural stone fillings and wire mesh containers allows for a more natural appearance that blends with the landscape. Additionally, these structures provide habitats for wildlife and enable the growth of vegetation, further enhancing ecological benefits.

5. Durability and maintenance: Gabion mattresses are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. The wire mesh containers are designed to withstand environmental stresses and can last for many years without significant degradation. In contrast, some other erosion control methods may require regular maintenance or replacement over time.

2. What materials are typically used to construct gabion mattresses?

gabion mattress

Gabion mattresses are typically constructed using galvanized steel wire mesh and filled with stones or rocks. The wire mesh is made from heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant steel to ensure long-lasting durability.

The stones or rocks used for filling the gabion mattresses can vary in size, but they are usually large enough to provide stability and prevent erosion.

3. What are the specifications of gabion mattress?

gabion mattress


Galvanized steel wire mesh

Mesh size

range from 60mm x 80mm to 100mm x 120mm

Wire diameter

range from 2.0mm to 4.0mm


shape with a length ranging from 2m to 6m, a width ranging from 1m to 2m, and a height ranging from 0.15m to 0.5m

Lacing wire

made of galvanized wire and has a diameter of around 2.0mm

Tying wire

made of galvanized wire and has a diameter of around 3.0mm

Stone fill

The stones should have a diameter of at least 3 times the mesh opening size to ensure proper compaction.

Non-woven geotextile

A non-woven geotextile fabric is often placed between the gabion mattress and the underlying soil to prevent soil erosion and facilitate water drainage.


Most frequent questions and answers

Gabion mattress is a rectangular structure made of wire mesh baskets filled with stones or rocks. It is commonly used in construction for erosion control and slope stabilization purposes.

Gabion mattresses are essentially like large mattresses filled with stones or rocks. The wire mesh baskets are typically made of galvanized steel or PVC-coated steel wire. The baskets are assembled on-site and then filled with rocks or stones. The mesh openings in the baskets allow water to flow through while retaining the stones, preventing erosion and providing stability.

Once filled, the gabion mattresses are typically placed on slopes, embankments, or riverbanks to prevent soil erosion, absorb and redirect water flow, and stabilize the land. They can also be used to create retaining walls, channel linings, or as a protective layer against scouring from water currents.

The use of gabion mattresses in construction offers several advantages. They are flexible and can conform to the shape of the land, making them suitable for irregular areas. They are also durable and can withstand natural forces like water flow, frost, and soil movement.

Additionally, gabion mattresses are environmentally friendly as they allow the free passage of water, promote the growth of vegetation, and are made from natural materials.

Gabion Baskets.

Yes, gabion mattresses can be used in combination with other erosion control or slope stabilization methods. They can be used in conjunction with geotextiles or erosion control blankets to provide additional stabilization and erosion control.

Additionally, they can be used in combination with vegetation or plantings to enhance the overall effectiveness of the erosion control measures. The use of multiple erosion control methods can provide a more robust and long-lasting solution to slope stabilization and erosion control.

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