358 Prison Mesh description

 358 prison mesh is a type of high-security fencing used primarily in the correctional industry. The name 358 comes from the fence’s specifications, which include a mesh opening of 3 inches by 0.5 inches (76.2mm x 12.7mm) and a wire thickness of 8 gauge or 0.315 inches (8.0mm). This particular configuration is designed to prevent intrusion and escape attempts by providing a high level of visibility, resilience, and resistance.

Prison mesh fences are typically composed of galvanized steel wire coated with a PVC layer that increases the fence’s durability and resistance to weather and corrosion. The mesh openings are too small to climb on, and the wires are too strong to be cut or broken by standard tools like bolt cutters or wire snips. 358 prison mesh also are often equipped with security features like razor wire or electrified wires to deter climbing or tampering.

 Aside from prisons, 358 mesh fences are also used in other high-security applications, such as military bases, data centers, airports, and other critical infrastructure facilities. These fences provide an added layer of protection against unauthorized entry and can enhance the overall safety and security of the premises. If you want these attributes of the fence, you can choose 358 prison mesh and please contact us and we will customize it for you.


prison mesh fencing

Prison Mesh Fencing

Prison mesh fencing is a particular type of fencing designed to create a secure perimeter around correctional facilities such as prisons and detention centers. It is made of tightly woven mesh wire with small holes that make it difficult to climb or cut through. The fencing systems generally feature razor wire or barbed wire on top of the mesh to further deter any effort to breach the perimeter.


Prison mesh fencing is a critical element of the prison security infrastructure and is used for several purposes. Firstly, it serves as a visual deterrent to would-be escapees, making it clear that the facility is secure and that any attempt to escape will be met with physical barriers. Secondly, it prevents unauthorized access to the facility, including attempts by individuals to toss contraband over the fence. Lastly, it protects against violent attacks, either by inmates or external individuals who might try to breach the fence.

The installation of prison mesh fencing requires a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail. The fencing must be installed correctly to avoid any gaps or weak spots, which could be exploited by inmates. 

prison mesh 358

Prison Mesh 358

Prison mesh 358, also known as anti-climb fence or high-security fence, is used in detention centers, border control, and military establishments since it is designed to provide high-level security. This type of fence is made of individually welded steel wires that are 4mm thick and spaced 76.2mm apart, creating a mesh with small openings that make it difficult for anyone to climb over it or penetrate through it.


The height of the fence varies based on the level of security required, with the most common heights being 2.4m and 3m. The fence also can be customized with various security features such as razor wire, electric fencing, and anti-tamper bolts to enhance its effectiveness.

Prison mesh 358 is a preferable security solution since it is durable and resistant to tampering, vandalism, and harsh weather conditions. It is also an aesthetically pleasing option that blends well with the surroundings, making it a suitable choice for institutional or residential applications.

Prison Mesh Fence

Prison Mesh Fence

Prison mesh fence is a type of security fencing used to surround correctional facilities, detention centers, and other high-security areas to prevent escape and unauthorized access. The fence is typically made of steel wire mesh and is designed to be sturdy, durable, and difficult to climb or cut through.


The mesh design of the fence allows for high visibility, allowing security personnel to see through the fence and monitor activities on both sides. The fence is also topped with barbed wire or razor wire to deter anyone from attempting to climb over it.

The height of the fence can vary depending on the level of security required, but it is typically at least 8-10 feet tall. The fence is also often installed with motion sensors and other security systems to detect any attempts at cutting or breaching the fence.

It can be said that the prison mesh fence is an important security measure that plays a key role in maintaining safety and order within correctional facilities and other high-security areas. While it may seem imposing and intimidating, it is a necessary measure to keep both inmates and the public safe from potential dangers.

prison mesh panels

Prison Mesh Panels

Prison mesh panels is a type of security fence panel that is used in correctional facilities such as prisons and detention centers. The fence consists of tightly woven wire mesh panels that are installed on steel or concrete posts. The mesh is designed to prevent climbing and cutting, while offering an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.


The purpose of a prison mesh fence is to keep inmates from escaping and to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders. The fence is usually electrified, which makes it even more difficult for inmates to climb over or cut through.

Aside from security, the prison mesh fence made up of prison mesh panels also provides privacy and a sense of confinement for inmates. It creates a boundary for the facility, separating it from adjacent properties.

CUSTOM 358 Prison Mesh

DEZE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom 358 prison mesh, also known as anti-climb mesh or high-security mesh. The 358 mesh design features closely spaced, horizontal and vertical wires, with a mesh opening of approximately 76.2mm x 12.7mm. This creates a strong and durable mesh panel that is difficult to climb or penetrate.

DEZE’s custom 358 prison mesh panels can be tailored to meet specific security requirements, with options for wire thickness, panel height, and coating finish. The panels are also available with a range of security enhancements, including razor wire, spiked toppings, and electric fencing.

DEZE’s 358 prison mesh is commonly used for secure perimeter fencing in high-security areas such as prisons, military bases, and government facilities. It is also a popular choice for commercial and industrial sites that require robust and tamper-proof perimeter protection.

We are on delivering high-quality, durable, and reliable 358 prison mesh panels that achieve the desired level of security for each customer’s unique needs.


1.Specifications of the prison mesh 358

prison mesh 358

Mesh size:

75mm x 12.5mm

Wire diameter:



high-quality galvanized steel


from 2m to 5m


galvanized steel and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the facility


sliding gates, swing gates, and electric gates

2. How to install 358 prison mesh fencing?

358 prison mesh fencing

Installing 358 prison mesh fencing requires some preparation and planning to ensure the fence is installed correctly and securely. Here are the steps involved in installing 358 prison mesh fencing:

Step 1: Prepare the site. Make sure the area is clear of any obstacles, debris, or vegetation. If necessary, level the ground and remove any rocks or uneven areas.

Step 2: Dig post holes. Use a post hole digger to dig holes for the fence posts. The depth of the holes should be at least 600mm and the diameter of the holes should be at least 200mm.

Step 3: Install the posts. Insert the fence posts into the holes and fill them with concrete. Make sure the posts are level and plumb before the concrete sets.

Step 4: Install the fencing panels. Attach the fencing panels to the posts using brackets and bolts. Make sure the panels are level and secure.

Step 5: Install the top rail. Attach the top rail to the top of the fence using brackets and bolts. This adds extra stability to the fence.

Step 6: Install gates and locks. Install gates and locks at suitable points for easy access.

3. What are the characteristics of a good prison mesh 358 suppliers?

prison mesh 358 suppliers

1. Quality: We offer high-quality mesh panels that are manufactured using the best materials and techniques. The mesh should be strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion and decay.

2. Security: We provide mesh panels that have a tight weave and small openings to prevent inmates from escaping or outsiders from breaking in.

3. Customization: We are able to customize mesh panels according to the specific needs of the prison. This includes panel size, height, and width, and also includes options for special coatings or finishes.

4. Delivery: We provide timely and efficient delivery of mesh panels, ensuring that they arrive at the prison site on time and in good condition.

5. Customer service: We provide excellent customer service, which includes responding promptly to queries, providing clear and accurate information, and offering after-sales support if needed.

4. What services can 358 Prison mesh manufacturer provide to you?

358 prison mesh manufacturer

We can provide a range of services related to the design, production, and installation of high-security prison mesh fencing solutions. These services may include:

1. Consultation: We can assist in advising and consulting about the most appropriate type and design of prison mesh fences and the best installation approach based on the customer’s specific needs.

2. Design: We can help the customer in designing custom prison mesh fencing solutions that are both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Production: We have the expertise and resources needed to manufacture high-quality prison mesh fences that meet the customer’s specifications and requirements.

4. Customization: We can create customized prison mesh fences that are tailored to meet specific requirements, such as increased height, enhanced thickness, and additional security features.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are several ways to customize 358 prison mesh to suit your specific needs or preferences. Here are a few options:

  1. Choose the right size: 358 prison mesh comes in different sizes, so choose the one that best suits your needs. The mesh size determines the level of security and visibility you require.
  2. Select the right coating: 358 prison mesh is coated with different materials, such as galvanized zinc, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and powder coating. Each has its advantages, so choose the right coating based on your specific needs.
  3. Choose the color:Standard 358 prison mesh is usually green or black, but some suppliers allow for customization by offering other colors. Choose a color that complements the surroundings or that will make the mesh stand out.
  4. Customize the mesh pattern:Weoffer customized mesh patterns that use a combination of different mesh sizes to enhance security and aesthetics. This is especially useful for designers who want to make the mesh blend in with the surrounding environment.
  5. Choose the right post and rail: The posts and rails that support the mesh can also be customized to suit specific applications. Ensure you get the right size and material for your project.

There are several advantages to using 358 prison mesh for security and perimeter fencing in high-security facilities. The main benefits include its strength, durability and resistance to tampering.

One of the primary advantages of 358 prison mesh is its strength. The mesh is made of heavy-gauge steel wire, which makes it extremely difficult to cut through using conventional tools. This makes it an effective barrier against intruders, as they would have to spend a lot of time and effort to cut through the mesh.

Another advantage of 358 prison mesh is its durability. The galvanized steel wire used to make the mesh is resistant to weathering and corrosion, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting or deteriorating over time. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications, where other materials like wood or plastic may not be as durable.

358 prison mesh is also highly resistant to tampering. The close-knit design of the mesh makes it difficult for anyone to climb over or cut through it. This makes it an ideal choice for high-security facilities such as prisons, military bases, and airports.

The 358 prison mesh is a high-security welded mesh panel designed specifically for prison facilities, military compounds, and other high-security areas that require maximum protection against intruders. Its unique features such as its close wire spacing, high-strength mesh panels, and robust construction make it an ideal choice for a range of applications where security is paramount.

One of the primary applications of the 358 prison mesh is for secure perimeter fencing. It is widely used for fencing high-security government facilities, prisons, airports, and military bases to prevent unauthorized entry and deter any potential threat.

Another significant application of the 358 prison mesh is for building structures such as gates, barriers, and walls. Its high-strength construction and close wire spacing make it ideal for use in building structures that require maximum security, stability, and durability.

The 358 prison mesh is also used for safety and security installations, like safety barriers and partitions. Its robust construction and high degree of resistance to vandalism and tampering make it an ideal choice for these types of applications.

The 358 prison mesh is named after its dimensions, which are typically 3 inches by 0.5 inches by 8 gauge (or 76.2mm by 12.7mm by 4mm). The mesh is composed of horizontal and vertical wires that intersect at right angles and are welded together to create a strong and durable structure.

The name “358” refers to the number of openings per linear foot of mesh, which is equivalent to approximately 358 holes. This design is commonly used in high-security facilities, as it provides maximum visibility while preventing escape attempts and unauthorized entry.

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